3D Printing Services

3D printing leicestershire
Creative thinkers 3D printing

Creative thinkers can benefit from the endless possibilities of our 3D printer.

Jewellery Designers 3D printing service

Jewellery designers can use the 3D printing service to evaluate and see what their designers will look like in real size.

3D printing service for architects

Architects can 3d print out small models that can be a part of their projects scale model.

3d printing service engineers

Design engineers can see their prototypes and find out issues with their designers using our 3D printing service.

3d printing service for artists

Artists can enjoy the fun and vibrancy of 3D printing using it as a way to showcase their creativity.

3d printing service for designers

Designers can model and 3d print their next best product. Choosing from a wide range of materials and print sizes.

3D printing leicestershire

How it works

  1. Send us your 3d file to 3d@print-point.co.uk or print directly on the 3D printer with your SD card by booking an appointment.
  2. Your file will start printing, have a coffee and see your design emerge.
  3. All complete! Enjoy.

Using the latest technology and quality materials we can print your models or creative 3d designs.

We use a process that involves a filament being fused through a hot nozzle that then prints onto a heated bed allowing your design to be transferred right in front of your eyes.

We have a wide variety of filament colors available and can custom order in any other color that you require based on a RAL color code.

The maximum print size – 25cm x 21cm x 21cm

Here are a few examples of how you can expect your 3D print to look like in terms of quality and finish.


3D printing loughborough
3D printing loughborough
3D printing loughborough